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    As you can see, The Art of the Productivity is hosted on reachthenextlevel.com, which we created to host a number of similar self-guided courses, including, eventually, Art of the CV, Art of the Teaching Statement, and Art of the Research Statement. Do not be converned that you have left the TPII site to access The Art of Productivity; it's still just us — we've just added a new platform to work from.

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UNSTUCK: The Art of Productivity
Regular Price: $360.00

12 weeks of content

all new posts, videos, and techniques

a community of support

no expiration on access to the content


  • Once you purchase UNSTUCK: The Art of Productivity, there are no refunds.
  • Your access to the course materials will not expire.
  • A FB account is necessary to fully participate in the writing community


  • UNSTUCK: That Art of Productivity NOT involve any personal coaching with Kellee Weinhold.  Questions about course will be answered by AOPstaff, not by Kellee.  The price of this product is possible because it is entirely a self-guided course.
  • UNSTUCK may not be exchanged for any other TPII services. 
  • Kellee is, by far, the best mentor and writing coach I’ve ever had. The UNSTUCK program has encouraged me to reach out to colleagues, it’s provided me with an excellent group of scholars who offer daily support and encouragement and it’s forced me to be honest about what I can and should accomplish this summer. Can’t say enough good things about Kellee’s program and guidance.

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