Do you have a bunch of good ideas,
and only a vague plan of how to put them together?

You are NOT alone!

So many writers that I work with struggle with how a their project is supposed to fit together. It's not really that surprising. Most of us didn't have the step-by-step training of how to conceptualize a project from idea to creation.

That lack of guidance in conceptualizing structure means, like trying to build a three-story house without a blueprint, you end up taking on placing a window or two and choosing the metaphorical paint colors of your project before planning out the location of the walls that will hold them.

In other words, you end up with a bunch information without answering the key questions about what to do with them.

Why Do You Need a Blueprint?

  • To understand your project as connected whole rather than disparate parts.
  • To be able to move from one section to the next, always aware of available resources.
  • To quickly adapt when faced with changing information and complications.

Winter 2023 Session Starts January 13th

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What You Can Expect

In this semester-long workshop, we will take on the critical elements required to create a large project: Situating your work, clarifying your argument, creating your structure, organizing your flow and continuity, and tackling the inevitable redesigns and delays.

By the end of the semester, you will:

  • Place your project in the larger conversations of your field.
  • Understand your information as a connected whole rather than disparate parts.
  • Easily move from one section to the next with a clear understanding of continuity and flow.
  • Quickly adapt when faced with changing information and complications.

The Specifics

  • Daily check-in opportunities with participants.
  • Weekly small group meetings with regular check-ins.
  • Five one-hour group coaching sessions with Kel
  • Two hours of private coaching with Kel (30 minutes per month).
  • Regular support and guidance via Mighty Networks private group.
  • Discounted access to daily coached writing sessions (50%)
  • Discounted access to "How To... Workshops (50%)
  • Cost: $2,000.00