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    I have worked with more than 4,000 clients to prepare them for the academic job market. I know the mistakes people make in their cover letters. The Art of the Cover Letter is designed to keep you from making those same mistakes.

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    Membership to the Art of The Cover Letter is the only way to access all new posts on each section of the cover letter, as well as newly created worksheets, videos and examples. Combined with the blog and book, you have everything you need to showcase your academic record.

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    Start working on improving your cover letter right now! Membership in The Art of The Cover Letter provides instant access to a 10-module program that walks you through each element of the cover letter, from the salutation to the sign-off.

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    More than simply a how-to guide, The Art of the Cover Letter teaches you to think like a search committee, identifying content from your record that "counts," condensing that content into effective, concise, fact-based language, and finally refining it into memorable paragraphs that frame your expertise in ways that work for the job market.

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    As you can see, The Art of the Cover Letter is hosted on reachthenextlevel.com, which we created to host a number of similar self-guided courses, including, eventually, Art of the CV, Art of the Teaching Statement, and Art of the Research Statement, as well as Unstuck: From Stalled to Submitted. Do not be alarmed that you have left the TPII site to access The Art of the Cover Letter; it's still just us — we've just added a new platform to work from.

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  • I am grateful that I purchased The Art of the Cover Letter - it taught me a lot that I had not thought thoroughly, even after following your blog for almost three years and reading your recent book. As you have always said, understanding the importance of the cover letter cannot be overemphasized, but the amount of information you have to digest to actually write a good one is so overwhelming that it is sometimes hard to digest all at once. Even though I *thought* I understood what you had said in your blog and book, once I started doing the work itself I often forgot one part as I was focused on the other parts. So forcing myself to go step by step via the online module enabled me to review each part carefully, and I once again discovered numerous mistakes I made before.
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  • You will need to have a copy of Karen’s book The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. Into a Job, to do the program.  Its list price is $15, and it is available for $8.40 on evil Amazon.  Buy it at Powell’s Online and support a writer and a local business!
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  • The Art of the Cover Letter does NOT involve any editing of your documents by Dr. Karen.  Nor does it involve any emailing with Dr. Karen.  Questions about The Art of the Cover Letter will be answered by ACL staff, not by Dr. Karen.  The price of this product is possible because it is entirely a self-guided course.
  • The Art of the Cover Letter may not be exchanged for any other TPII services.  To be clear: You may not switch out previously or currently scheduled editing services to The Art of the Cover Letter.

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