• Practical Guidance

    The Art of the Academic Article is a self-directed online course devoted to getting your academic journal articles published. The course is divided into ten steps. Each step is devoted to 1) moving you steadily through the standard elements of an article for academic publication and 2) identifying (and overcoming) the mental barriers that keep you from success.

  • Specific Strategies

    One of the things that we know about the Academy is that it is designed to teach you to think about your work but not necessarily how to do it. Guidance is typically post production feedback framed as "No. Not that way." We created this program to flip the script. It is a guide designed to walk you step by step through not only the thinking but also the practical steps required for an academic journal article. We expect (and hope!) that you will use it over and over again until the process is second nature.

  • Immediate Solutions

    From day one, with manageable steps, we will guide you to an article that positions you in the intellectual conversation you want to be part of. Each step, you will be thinking and working on both long term and immediate goals: How to identify the best journal for your work; the most effective way to position yourself in the intellectual conversation; the essentials you must include in each section to engage your field and the editor. You will learn exactly what you need to include (and avoid!).

  • Coaching Videos

    In addition to blog posts, worksheets and checklists, the course also includes coaching videos from Jane Jones, PhD, developmental editor and founder of Up In Consulting and Kel Weinhold, productivity coach from The Professor Is In.

  • Intellectual Relationships

    Although we often write alone, when we publish we join an intellectual community. In recognition of that tension, in addition to demystifying writing for a journal and providing immediately applicable tools to succeeding in that process, The Art of the Academic Article challenges you to examine your relationship to your field and to step forward into the conversation. To help you identify with whom and where you are in conversation, we ask you to look deeply at the conversation you are joining. In the process of writing your article, you will also be building a positive relationship with your scholarship.

What you can expect when you join Art of the Article

The Art of the Article is a 10-step, self-guided course designed to move your step-by-step through producing a complete draft of an academic journal article. Membership includes access to daily blog posts, checklists, coaching videos with coaches Jane Jones and Kel Weinhold as well as interaction with a private writing community.

Clear the Pipeline and start publishing your Academic Articles
  • "I can't say enough about the Art of the Article program! The content continues to inspire me to take the time out of my teaching frenzy to sit down with actionable steps and goals and make progress on my publishing goals. Jane and Kel expertly identified and outlined the hard work behind making decisions about where to submit and how to set yourself up to not only get published, but also how to build a support network for constructive feedback, help with future publications, and interpreting revisions and rejections. This is a "system" I will be using for years to come (for articles and a book proposal) and would highly recommend the Art of the Article to any one working toward publication."
The Art of the Article

How to avoid the poor planning sets you up for failure before you start.

How to change the poor positioning has journal editors reaching for the desk reject button.

How to correct poor storytelling leaves editors lost in the fog "so what?"

  • Even if your journal article does not follow a IMRDC structure, each component is in your article and this course will help you work them out within your discipline structure.
  • Once you purchase The Art of the Academic Article, there are no refunds.
  • Your access to the course and the private social media page does not expire.

The Art of the Academic Article does NOT involve any individual coaching with Jane or Kel.  Nor does it involve any emailing with either.  Questions about The Art of the Academic Article will be answered on the social media page.

  • The Art of the Academic Article may not be exchanged for any other Up In Consulting or  Professor is in services.  To be clear: You may not switch out previously or currently scheduled editing or interview services to Unstuck.
  • "I was one of the beta-testers of the Art of the Article, and I can only say this product is *fantastic*!! Since doing it, I have submitted one journal article and started a new one. I was feeling quite some trepidation starting the new one, then I went back to these materials and it was incredibly helpful to have the clarity of 'first do this' and then 'now do this other thing'. It's a seriously impressive process to get to the product we need - journal articles. Money exceptionally well spent."

Clear the Pipeline!

This course operates from the position that you have zero content written. You've done your research. You have your results. Now it’s time to write. If you have something done, good for you! You get to skate during that section or work on another section. But we wanted to make it possible for people who have never written an article or been rejected over and over again to stop panicking and get to work!

Join Jane and Kel and Get Your Article Published!