• Practical Support

    Unstuck: The Art of Productivity is a self-directed online course devoted to changing your writing habits and getting your work from stalled to submitted. The course is divided into Twelve Steps to Productivity (Think recovery from bad habits!) Each step is devoted to 1) moving you step by step through the standard parts of an academic publication and 2) creating a writing practice for ongoing success.

  • Specific Strategies

    In this course, you will learn the hows and whys of writing barriers, the steps to creating a writing strategy that works with YOUR life and best of all, easily manageable steps to getting your work out the door!

  • Immediate Solutions

    From the first day of the course, participants have the opportunity to advance their projects while rebuilding a supportive writing practice.

  • Coaching Videos

    In addition to a Just for Today “practice,” which is simply an idea to consider about your thinking and approach to writing, the course content includes a brief posts and coaching videos offering concrete guidance on how to reach your goals. (Focusing not "how to" but "why not" and more importantly, how do you begin to change your patterns.)

  • Applicable Knowledge

    More than tips and tricks for writing, The Art of Productivity challenges you to examine your writing process, identifying your mental roadblocks, applying those insights to creating a new skill set, and finally practicing those skills in a way that overwrites your old patterns.

What you can expect when you join Unstuck

Unstuck: The Art of Productivity is a 12-step, self-guided course that walks you step-by-step through acquiring the tools and practices of a productive academic writing practice. Membership includes access to daily blog posts, checklists, coaching videos and live webinars with Productivity Coach Kellee Weinhold as well as interaction with a writing community.

Stop Struggling Alone
  • "In the last couple of months, I completed my book revisions and wrote two articles. And submitted all of them. And as I wrote, I became happier with what I was writing and could relax and enjoy the meandering process of deep thinking through writing that inevitably takes me to unexpected places. And also, as I wrote, particularly through the book revisions in my response to the readers’ comments, I found a stronger and more confident voice. I learnt a whole bunch of ways to keep the feelings of overwhelm under control, which feels particularly timely, as I’m on my first year of a full-time job."
UNSTUCK: The Art of Productivity
$600 (50% discount available for unfunded scholars)

How to identify self-sabotage and negative patterns. Hint: You are not the problem. Your thinking is.

How to pick the right strategies for YOUR individual success. Hint: You are not the problem. Your system is.

How to create a realistic and sustainable plan for writing. HINT: You are not the problem. Your expectations are.

  • If you are writing a journal article consider buying Wendy Belcher's book "Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success." It is a great accompaniment to the course.
  • Once you purchase Unstuck: The Art of Productivity, there are no refunds.
  • Your access to the course, private social media page and webinars does not expire.

The Art of the Productivity does NOT involve any individual coaching with Kel.  Nor does it involve any emailing with Kel.  Questions about The Art of the Productivity will be answered in webinars.

  • The Unstuck: The Art of Productivity may not be exchanged for any other TPII services.  To be clear: You may not switch out previously or currently scheduled editing or interview services to Unstuck.
  • My writing system has fundamentally changed since I started this program. Today I sent to my co-authors a new manuscript that I wrote from scratch. I just want to express my gratitude for all the change and progress this program have offered me. To many unstuck days (and shame-free weekends)!

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